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  • Homesteading social media

    Women throughout the Sky Valley have found a new social forum where they can share their experiences with homesteading and help each other grow.
    Six months ago, Shirel Smith decided to create the Homesteading Women of Monroe, Washington Facebook group. Around 120 members have since joined, sharing frustrations, experiences, and resources, and asking questions in a safe space.

  • Dirty dealings
    The Snohomish County Health District issued a health officer’s order last Monday for a strip of private property directly south of the Lewis Street Bridge that parallels the Skykomish River.
  • Wise woman of Sky Valley
    Do you have peppermint, sage, parsley or catnip growing in your garden or a pot on the porch? Is there an aloe plant on your windowsill? Are there raspberries, nettles, dandelions in your yard? Besides spicing up a stew or salad, have you wondered about the medicinal benefits these plants have to offer?
  • Monroe Mayor Geoffrey Thomas and city councilmembers traveled to Olympia last week to lobby for funds that would finish improvements, and the widening of State Route 522.
  • Sky Valley Community Awards

    Residents up and down the Sky Valley spend many hours each year giving back to the community without expecting a return.
    Ever year, Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce staff ensure their work is recognized at the annual Community Awards Celebration Potluck. Business owners, high school students and volunteer firefighters were only a few of the many acknowledged as exemplary residents from Sultan, Gold Bar, Index and Skykomish during the 19th annual celebration on Saturday, Feb. 11.

  • Monroe considers health district  funding request

    The Monroe City Council is considering a $2 per capita funding request from the Snohomish County Health District.
    The state’s first local health jurisdiction reports due to financial struggles since the Great Recession in 2008, including downsizing staff and reducing services, it is in need of assistance from cities, according to a proposed interlocal agreement. 

  • Monroe collecting trash, dumping data

    Mayor Geoffrey Thomas has directed city staff to make weekly walkthroughs on public lands, to keep accessible areas clean.
    Police and Parks and Recreation staff have also recently worked to clear areas along unmaintained trails in Al Borlin Park of amassed trash and debris, some as a result of occupied or previously occupied homeless encampments.

  • Police request social worker backup

    The city of Monroe is developing a contract for an embedded social worker to serve with officers that connect with the city’s homeless.
    Monroe Police Sgt. Ryan Irving illustrated the importance of the community support position during Tuesday’s council meeting.

  • Skykomish Hotel a community effort
    When Skykomish resident Todd Brunner first saw the Skykomish Hotel interior, two to three inches of moss coated the floorboards in spots, and ferns grew from the grime.
  • Learning a religion
    Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Seattle’s director of public affairs Alam Ali said since President Donald Trump’s executive order that attempted to ban immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries, attendance has spiked at regional Coffee, Cake and Islam educational gatherings.
  • Police arrest Monroe man in murder-for-hire case
    A Monroe man is in custody for allegedly attempting to hire someone to kill his wife and young daughter, offering to split the life insurance payout.
  • Sultan seeks Sportsman Park transfer
    Sultan Mayor Carolyn Eslick has started talks to transfer the Sportsman Park property from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife to the city.
  • State of the cities
    Sky Valley Visitors Center president Debbie Copple made the case for more lodging along U.S. Highway 2 and nearby towns during last Wednesday’s Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce meeting.
  • County supports saving timberland

    A swath of the Singletary timber sale north of Gold Bar may be safe for at least four years.
    The Snohomish County executive and county council passed a joint resolution Wednesday that supports the Washington State Department of Natural Resources setting aside 25 acres of timberland.

  • Cool beans
    By the end of the Monroe ChiliBowl benefit, members of the Julia V. Morris Community Garden had nabbed themselves the trophy for most original dish. Their prize: a tin can brimming with brown spotted beans.
  • Law & performer
    “Theater is life, movies are art, TV is furniture,” says Terry Simon, musician, singer, composer, and playwright. “Experiencing entertainment live is so much more rewarding than from any other source.”
  • Addressing chief concerns

    A group of Sultan neighbors are discussing what it would take to preserve one of the city’s historic relics.
    The 12-foot-high Chief Sultan statue was erected around 1985 at the junction of the Sultan and Skykomish rivers off of Main Street. It was officially dedicated in 1996. The creator and resident Jerry Carter has since passed away.

  • Monroe council pondering taking over water system
    A group of homeowners in the Marbello Water System service area — less than a half-mile outside city limits and west of Chain Lake Road — say they are tired of the chronic maintenance problems associated with the facility. Some also lack confidence the owner’s proposed 175 percent monthly rate increases would solve issues with poor management.
  • Council leans toward short-term options for poor intersection

    Motorists may see a little relief at the intersection of Blueberry Lane and North Kelsey Street in the very near future.
    Monroe Public Works senior engineer Scott Peterson presented findings from the project’s Jan. 12 open house during last Tuesday’s council meeting. 

  • Point in Time
    Jessica Taylor lives in a trailer without running water near Sultan. She uses propane for cooking and heat. She made a visit to Monroe on Tuesday, Jan. 24, to grab some tarp for the trailer's leaking roof, and to participate in the Snohomish County Point In Time one-day count.
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